In Many cases ,We only Need the below things ,i will outline some samples for your reference : ­

1.  some times  just need to stop our steps and take care of the peoples who are you should to pay attention to , of course it should contained  youself . ­

2. some times just need only a warm embrace ,  a sweet kiss , a small gift ,a sentence of words with your kindly and sincere greetings . ­

3. other  needed that you can give it  to others in your limited ability or it should by your efforts ! ­

The below are some stories about this and that all for you understanding : ­

  I received a gift from a frend lived in canada,at the day it was 10 years of our wedding anniversary , the gift is a piece of disc named "Don't let the birds fly away " i collect the gift as a souvenir ,becuase i don't have the habit with play the grams . ­

我和先生结婚10周年那天,一位移居加拿大的朋友给我寄来一份礼物:『一张游戏光盘』,名字叫《别让那只鸟飞了》。我没有玩游戏的习惯,因此就把它当做一份纪念品收藏了起来。 ­

      One day ,  8 years old of my son plays with game in my study ,the disc was been found  by his playing. ­

      一天,8 岁的儿子在我书房里乱翻,发现这张游戏光盘。 ­

    After his playing ,my son said to me :"mum , here is a bird , it may fly away ,if it  was the truth ,i can't play the game again ,i opened the my computer and performed the CD was , under his cues . ­

玩过之后,儿子对我说:“妈,这里面有一只鸟,弄不好就会从窗口里飞走,一飞走,游戏就砸了。”在儿子的提醒下,我打开了计算机,执行那张光盘。 ­

  At that time ,i really knew that formerly it's a  sofware of the game and the game adapt  to all the adults, it  cost 85 million dollars ,  i saw that a very shining building come out of my eyes  when i runed the game, it has all the furnishings that it should to have . you can as the master of the building and enjoy the lives when you login . ­

      这时我才知道,原来它是一张针对成人而开发的大型游戏软件,总投资8,500万美元。游戏打开之后,映入眼帘的是一栋具有皇家风范的豪宅。豪宅里各项生活设施应有尽有。游戏者进去之后,可以以主人的身份在这里生活。 ­

if you want to play e a golf,you can go to the golf course . ­

­  你想打高尔夫,可以去高尔夫球场; ­

if you want to read a book ,you can go to the study . ­

­ 你想看书,可以走进书房; ­

if you want to have a cup of coffee , you can ask a  servant for service , ­

想喝咖啡,可以让仆人给你送去; ­

if you want to hold a dancing party , you can invite the most popular media stars  in the 100 top class . include Madanna . ­

­ 想举行舞会,可以邀请包括马丹娜在内的100位世界级影视明星 ­

if you want to have a tour, the cars are all ready for you ! ­

想去旅行吗?车子就在门口; ­

when you get in the car ,go along the road ,you  can go to Eqypt , France , China,and all in all ,wherever that you want ! ­

上了车,沿着门口的路,你可以去埃及、法国、中国等世界任何一个地方; ­

if you have a lover ,you still can have a  cryptic  appointment  with her or he and pay a  visit to  seasides or prairie of the Columbia. ­

假若你有一位情人,还可以秘密地约他出去,到附近的海滨或南美的哥伦比亚大草原。 ­

All in all , you can get everythings that you want  and you can do it as your ways ! ­

总之,在这里,你可以随心所欲地生活,可以按照自己的意愿想怎样就怎样。 ­

but there is some different from the reality that a bird flying in the building ,a basket is been hold in its mouth ,  it from the parlour fly to the bedroom ,then  fly to the study and fly to the dinning room ,at last ,flying all the corners  that the building has ! ­

但与现实不同的是,这栋豪宅里有一只鸟在飞,它嘴巴上叼着一只篮子,从客厅飞向卧室,又从卧室飞向书房,飞向餐厅,飞向豪宅的每一房间。 ­

  The bird have a feature is that  whether you  are in travel  ;  Remain at home for reading or handle with the bussiness in your ­ corporation, you can't forget to put somethings into the basket ,  if you forget about it , in a minute , it will fiy out of the window , once , the case comes  true , there is a picture will arised  on the screen  : ­

这只鸟有一个特点:不论你是外出旅行,还是在家读书,或是在公司处理商务,你都不能忘记往这只鸟的篮子里放东西。假如你忘了,到了一定的时间,它就会从某个窗口里飞出去,一旦出现这种情况,屏幕上就会出现这一个画面: ­

    the shining building  will be topple down and the weeds will growing  frondently  , in the setting sun, ­

a lone  figure will  to disappear away in the dark conditions  , so  ,what thing shall we put it into the basket ;  the bird won't fly away and the shining building won't topple down ? ­

豪宅倒塌,野草丛生;夕阳下,一个孤独的身影慢慢地消失在黑暗中。那么,该向那只篮子里面放些什么东西,才不会使鸟儿飞走、豪宅倒塌呢? ­

    there has  a menu  in the game , its contained 152 kinds of  articles for daily use and everyday activities ,such as  : money ,flower ,  weep  ,kiss .and so on.

      游戏里有一份菜单,那上面有包括金钱、花朵、微笑、哭泣、亲吻在内的152种日常用品和日常行为。 ­

      The game disigned by  Hrihcex  and cost 3 years of time ,  the designer  collect  a  thing from 500 thousand  pairs  and they  loved each others for 50 years and more , every kinds of the activity  is according to  their  ballot papers and all the ballot papers give it different time value of money ,      the time range from 3 minutes to a month . there  has no indication on it , it all decide  by the players . ­

它是赫利克斯公司耗时3年,从全球50万对金婚老人那里征集的,每一件东西,每一个行为都按照这50万对金婚老人票选得票的多少,被赋予了不同的时间价值,有的代表一个月,有的只代表3分钟。至于哪种代表一个月,哪种代表3分钟,上面没有明说,得完全由游戏者根据自己对它们的认知来判定。 ­

  I am  deeply attracted by the program , i will play the game  when i'm free , at first , the shinging building  frequently disappear s  from the screen ,as a result of i don't know what shall i put into the basket .­

自从打开这个游戏,我就被它迷住了只要有空,我就要玩上一阵。起初,由于不知该向鸟儿的篮子里放些什么,所以那栋豪宅经常被我弄得从屏幕上消失。 ­

    once,i really don't kown how can i deal with the case ,i casually put a kiss into the basket ,  a unintended consequence    appears in  my eyes that i must remain at the big study to read a book for the whole afternoon.even, there have several times,i should put the basket on my desk ,then, jump into the basket for a short sleeping.­

有一次,实在是不知该怎样侍候它,就随便挑了一个吻放在篮子里。结果大出意外,它让我大书房里看了整整一下午的书,有几次它甚至还把篮子放在我的书桌上,然后自己跳到里面打一个盹。 ­

    once , i given an intimate embrace and adieu ,then i paid a visit to a historic site of Gumaya city of maxico ,it's named chichen Itza , after a half of month , there have a more unintended case appeared in my eyes ,the bird still at home and given me a warm welcome to me when i arrived home .­

还有一次,我送给它一个亲密的拥抱和惜别,就去了墨西哥的古玛雅城市遗址奇琴伊察。这次更出乎我的意料,半个月后,我回来了,鸟儿不仅没有飞走,当我到达家门口时,它还热情地迎接了我。 ­

    which kind of the bird ? i give it the money ,it only stay at home for 3 minutes ,when i give a piece of flower,it can stay at home for 3 hours and  more !­

这到底是怎样的一只鸟儿呢?我送它金钱,它只在家里待3 分钟,我送它一枝花朵,它竟可以待上3个小时。 ­

    At last ,i finally find that it is a marriage-bird,and it has many  unconspicuous saviours.­

后来我终于发现,它是一只婚姻鸟,并且它有许多不起眼的救星。 ­

  A slight kiss, a sweet smile, a thoughtful sentence of words , a short-lived adieu ,they are all can  remain it at home .­

一个轻吻,一个微笑,一个拥抱,一句关切的话语,一份小小的礼物,一段短暂的离别,都可以把它留下。 ­

    Nowadays, i can expertly play the game which  more and more feel that it's  not just only a game ,but that they are all the gnosises and discoveries from 500,000 pairs fo golden wedding for the elderly's lives. it tells  us that an insignificant of praise, a cup of hot tea ,a piece of rose (only cost 10 dollars),just those insignificant of things has a very marvelously force to moisten our marriages .­

  现在我已能非常熟练地玩这个游戏,并且越玩越觉得它不再是一个游戏,而是50万对金婚老人在婚姻生活中的感悟和发现。它告诉我,一句微不足道的赞许,一杯顺手递去的热茶,一枝10块钱的玫瑰,这些日常生活中微不足道的东西,具有滋养婚姻的神奇力量。 ­

  Currently,a freind was married ,i sent the CD as a gift  to him , i thought that i should let the more peoples had a profit from the game and get a little  principle from their marriages . ­

  前不久,一位朋友结婚,我把这张光盘送作礼物,转赠了出去。我想,我应该让更多的人从这个游戏中,悟出婚姻中的一些道理。 ­

  Take your heart to your home ,Don't sell the most important essence in your life to the corporations and remain the Trash    to your family !­

把心带回家不要把一生心血精华卖给公司,留给家人的却是破铜烂铁。 ­

  Don't misplace the blessed and warm hands to the right place !­

不要错放了幸福温暖的手。 ­

­      Most all the peoples are easy to consider many aspects of the thing , just because they are all  fear to make a mistake of decision  when they choose their partners , they will be out of their wits  , he regret for doing that all lifetime who  makes the mistakes.

    往往许多人在抉择伴侣时,容易东想西想,不知所措,就是因为害怕一时做错决定,看错人,造成终生的遗憾。 ­

­      Just like a noble 's winner  Shavian says :" just at here and now ,perhaps, there are  20,000 peoples  fit your requirment  and  as your partner , it's only by  the meet who  comes early , if you  have a  heavy  emotion  and great confidence to each others  before  the second  idear partner comes .  if you  not foster a strong relationship  with the former, the latter will be  as your friend ,  that  your  emotion will be rocking  and changeable  .  you will beginning  the really happiness and  end  the    gipsydom  untill  you have a great emotion with one of your ideal  partners ."

        诺贝尔文学奖得主萧伯纳说:“此时此刻在地球上,约有两万个人适合当你的人生伴侣,就看你先遇到哪一个,如果在第二个理想伴侣出现之前,你已经跟前一个人发展出相知相惜、互相信赖的深层关系,那后者就会变成你的好朋友但是若你跟前一个人没有培养出深层关系,感情就容易动摇、变心,直到你与这些理想伴侣候选人的其中一位拥有稳固的深情,才是幸福的开始,漂泊的结束。" ­

­      Fall in love with sb,it's that unneeded the struggles , it just depend on " chance" ,that all schemed by the god,  but that , lastingly  fall in love with sb, it's  should depend on  " struggles". in the  amatory  management , comunication , understanding , forgiveness and self-contorl  etc, they are all the element of the  smooth  management . many peoples always  pay many perplexities  and vexations  on  the  "chance" , many ideas  always  come out of their minds  , but  they ignore the most importance of management  ability of the emotions .

    爱上一个人不需要靠努力,只需要靠“际遇”,是上天的安排,但是“持续地爱一个人”就要靠“努力”,在爱情的经营中,顺畅运转的要素就是沟通、体谅、包容与自制(面临诱惑有所自制)。有许多人总是给“际遇”所迷惑与苦恼,意念不停、欲念不断、争逐不散,而忘了培养经营感情的能力才是最重要的。 ­

­    So, Don't  to ask who is my Mr .  Right or  asking  for several times that  which degree i can achievement by my struggles  and  how can i  try my best  ?  if you don't bring up your  the ability  of  management the happiness yet , even if  your  MR.  Right  really appears  at  your side , you still lost the happiness and live in the wondering and regretful  condifions , is this just    the  many  experiences and attitudes to "nothingness of loving " ?

        所以不要去追问到底谁才是我的Mr.Right,而是n问说在眼前的伴侣关系中,我能努力到什么程度、成长到什么程度,若没有培养出经营幸福的能力,就算真的Mr.Right出现在你身边,幸福依然会错过的,而活在犹疑与遗憾当中,这不就是许多“爱情虚无症”的遭遇与心态吗? ­

­        Currently,  if you have a  eternal  partner  accompanies with your side,  Don't  casually and half-heartedly  hesitate anythings , we ofen difficult  to  find a trap in the emotions , is this  just the ignore  the risk  of the peples  who close  your side , aslo like the  economic principle says :"the rule of diminishing marginal utility  " , it's easy to ignore the peoples  who get together with your side  for a long time ,conversely the new  "chance" is always  lovely .

      若你此刻已有一位长久相伴的伴侣,不要再随便三心二意地犹疑了,我们往往不易察觉感情中的一个陷阱,就是“近亲生慢侮”,也就是经济学中的铁律“边际效益递减法则”,跟你在一起越久的人,就越容易麻木与忽视,而新鲜的“际遇”总是那么动人可爱。 ­

­        It's hard to aviod  to prevent  the firctional and unintended harms when we face to emotion , and that , who let us to feel many  hurts is just always companies.  but the news , on the one hand, it's no chance to harm  ; on the other hand, painstakingly try to ingratiate hiself with  you.  so , it's  just only remained  beatiful  things in your eyes  whatever your  look ;conversely , the olds , it's only a trash whatever your look . but  ,don't  to forget that there are many  uncertain unkonwn numbers company with the news , conversely ,you will find that there have many hard-won things ,such as , familiarity feeling, confirmability , reliablity  . Don't casually lost yourself in the incidental "opportunity", that  led to misplace your  blessed and  temperance hands. to the right place .

    在感情对待中,难免有摩擦与无心的伤害,而且论得罪自己的次数累加起来最多的人,当然是跟我们在一起最久、最亲近的人。而新欢呢,又还没开始有得罪你的机会,再加上他的刻意讨好,所以新欢怎么看怎么可爱,旧爱怎么看怎么讨厌。但别忘了,新欢身上总是有不确定的未知数,旧爱身上就是有难得的熟悉感、确定感、信赖感。千万不要随便在偶然的“际遇”中迷失了自己,错放了幸福温暖的手。 ­

­      So,  Shavian's words  want to remind  the lovers not to take unnecessary pains to study and insignificant to seek the only ones  ,it should  put the more energies  on the abilty of how can i manage the happiness , simultaneously, it also reminds  us

that " even there is an river ,it's only a drop of water for me ". if you fortunately meet a hard-won partner ,don't  half- hearted  again ,Because ,  we never know  when can we meet the severals  of the 20, 000 of peopes in our lifetime , so ,we should to know and cherish the fortunes that we have , enjoy the current  times , Don't  consider too much !

            所以萧伯纳的话,是要提醒情人不要太钻牛角尖于寻觅那唯一,应该把精神用在学会经营幸福的能力上,同时也提醒我们“弱水三千只取一瓢饮”若有幸遇到了难得的伴侣,就不要再三心二意了,因为我们永远不知道一生何时会遇到两万个其中的几个,所以要知福惜福、活在当下。  ­


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